Podcast about the New Sharkwave Line from SA

Check out the Podcast (15min) at MidCurrent with SA’s John Van Vleet.  John breaks down the new Sharkwave.  Excited to see this new line, sounds awesome can’t wait for trout season.

Link to PodCast

Swing the Fly Magazine – Winter 2014

Mangled Fly Media Cards

Do you want Holiday gift cards with your favorite Mangled Fly Media picture on the front?  With SmugMug and any Mangled Fly Media it’s very easy.  Feel free to contact me direct and I’ll help set it up.  Happy Holidays.


Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.22.25 AM

Process has started – Jumping steelhead

So I figure I have about a 2-3 week period this year to capture the perfect jumping steelhead.  With water temps dropping like a stone, they are not going to make this easy. Here is the first attempt of 2013 caught yesterday.


Pic of the Day – Thought we had Chrome

So when you choose to run the streamer for steelhead, anything can bite.  Usually that is a good thing, but when you pick up the two-hand rod in the early season you sometimes hook up on Kings.  Not to be too picky, but when you get the grab your heart drops, but when you realize that it’s just a King you kinda get mad.  This King was the first grab we had of the day and all on board were extremely happy for a short moment.  It was not chrome, but it was a fish.  Days are numbered until chrome (steelhead) start looking for other things to eat other than eggs.

king on a streamer

2013 Last Muskie

Did a quick post about the last day, and now here is a picture of the last muskie of 2013.  Great fish Frank, nice job!

Someone stole my idea

I’m proud of this camera crew, even though they stole my idea, but actually I was scared to do it.  Have been laughing with Russ Maddin the last couple weeks about strapping the GoPro to the Chinook that just enetered the river, but our financial backing has not come in yet.  And losing a $400 GoPro would not go over well with the boss.


Back on line

Sorry for the delay in postings. Had a little IT trouble, but promise to make up for lost time with more images and more videos. Thank you for your patience.

Carp on Grand Traverse Bay – Picture of the Day

June is prime time for carp on Grand Traverse bay and had a chance yesterday to get out on the bay and chase down the golden bones on the flats.

carp in Traverse City