DNR Muskie Survey Please Help

There is a one year survey, on the lakes listed below, to gather information on muskellunge fishing (effort and catch). There are or will be boxes placed at access sites with survey cards. The cards can be complete and mailed or the survey can be completed online. This online option is much easier to do for you and makes it easier to compile the data for the DNR. If you visit one of these waters grab a card from the box and it has the link below as well as a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone.

If you fished any of the LP lakes over the weekend (or any of the UP lakes starting 5/15/14) and each time you fish them until 3/15/15 please complete the survey. This information helps biologists manage these fisheries. Next year the survey will rotate to another 15-20 waters.

LP Lakes 
Long, Grand Traverse

UP Lakes 


Streamers and New Hat

Kean O. beating up on the brown trout with some baitfish streamer action, also sporting a New Mangled Fly Media baseball cap.  Been personally wearing my new cap for a couple weeks, did take a little while to break in, but have to admit it’s a very comfortable hat.  Brim is about the perfect length and the dark under brim really helps with cutting glare and spotting fish.


Happy Angler putting on a Sharkwave

One of my favorite little stickers.  Means new fly lines.  Stringing up the new 5wt Skarkwave Trout and GPX for the 2014 season.  Can’t wait for the dry fly.  Current BWO’s and Little Black Stones.  But Russ Maddin reported the first Henny of the year.  We are so close!

Sharkwave from SA.

SharkWave: A New Category of Fly Line from Scientific Anglers on Vimeo.

SharkWave is more than just another fly line. It’s an entirely new category. Its triple-textured design makes it float higher, shoot farther, track more accurately, and last longer. It’s fishing. Friction-free.

Special thanks to the Pig Farm Ink crew for courageously agreeing to appear and to Sage Lion Media for putting this together.

Got Water? We do!

If you have been on any of the social networks in the past 24 hours I’m sure your sick of the flood stage, high water, USGS graphs.  But figured if you had not seen it yet, here is my little part to my little area that is overflowing.

Here is Tippy Dam, with the flood gates on over drive: (thank you Lance for the pic)

tippy_flood tippy_spill_wayHere is the Handicap Ramp if you have fished below Tippy, you have a perceptive of how this normally looks, just to say the river is high is an understatement.


Next are three graphs that all are related, they show the water that is headed to Tippy.  The Pine River and the Upper Manistee (Sherman) have water flow gauges.  Showing the levels.  The first graph is Manistee River at Sherman, where flood stage is normally 2400cfs, this morning it is running just under 3500cfs and looks that it could crest here shortly.  Just under 4000 cfs, a new record!  The little yellow triangles are normal flow over a 17 year average for this time of year.  As you can see yet again we have water this spring to play with.



Tippy Dam Graph.  Reaching 6500 yesterday for a short period in time.  Way too unsafe to fish from a boat!tippy_dam



Quadcopter Built and ready to Fly

Erik has finished putting together the Phantom Quadcopter and looking for clean air to fly, some different angles and perceptive in Snap T Pictures future.  Can’t wait!

Enter for a chance to win 10 fly lines from SA

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Follow this link to Scientific Anglers for a chance to win 10 fly lines.

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This is Fly

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.03.04 AMLink to online magazine.

Fact from the National Weather Service for Northern Michigan

Since the beginning of the new year, northern Michigan has gained 77 minutes of total daylight. The sun is rising 28 minutes earlier since Jan 1st while setting 49 minutes later.
The sun’s trek across the sky today is similar to its path on Nov 2nd.