Holy Cow I can’t believe I got that on film

Video is shot in 1080 HD will take a second to load fully.  Enjoy.

New Argentina Highlight Video

Just finished editing a new Hightlight video for Hawkins Oufitters and Chime Lodge.  Chuck Hawkins shot all the footage, took this footage and layout a little highlight video

Big Appetite Small mouth DVD is now available!

Happy to announce the Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD is now available, I have copies of the DVD in stock and ready to ship.  Here is a link to the products page to purchase your copy.  Thank you to everybody for their patience as this  project was an amazing experience.  Thank you Kevin Feenstra and Erik Rambo, it was an honor to work with both of you for the past 2 years.

Big Appetite, Small Mouth contains beautiful imagery of one of the great warm water fish, the smallmouth bass.  Footage includes fly tying and fishing with streamers, crayfish patterns, and surface poppers.  If you are an experienced smallmouth angler, or just getting in to it, you will enjoy this exciting DVD!

DVD Cover

Just wanted to share the cover to the DVD.


Bugs in a Tub

Okay if you have fished with me, you understand that one of my strengths is not Latin terminology for aquatic insects.  I have a very simple approach to aquatic life.  Match the color and size.  But sometimes knowing a little bit more than they other guy, can give you an advantage.  Below is a video of a couple bugs in the tub.  Late May and early June the Manistee as both the Siphlonurus Nymph and Baetisca Nymph swimming around pretty regularly, in certain sections.  And yes I had to look those names up!

I have been using Ann Miller’s new Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams.  I highly recommend this book, contact Ann at AnnRMiller@aol.com .  This is a great guide for on the stream and at the fly tying bench.  Thank you Ann.


Wild Salmon and Patagonia

Video is about 10 min but gives a inside look at what Patagonia is trying to change in the world of Wild Salmon.

Patagonia Gear

I own the back pack and want the saltwater shell.  Patagonia has some of the best gear for the environment I like to trek around in.  Check out the video.

Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer

After 2.5 years of blood, sweat, and tears (not really). The Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD trailer is finally finished. Not trying to paint the wrong picture, but an amazing amount of work actually has gone into this project. Want to first thank Erik Rambo for all is professional video and audio work. Also want to thank Kevin Feenstra for making this a very fun and enjoyable project.

“Enjoy the trailer!

To purchase a copy of the DVD Big Appetite: Small Mouth please visit my online shop.”



Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.