The need for sun and warmth

Why you can most likely guess I am addicted to steelhead fishing and truly love my winter fishery in my backyard, but the skin and mind are calling for warmer days and brighter skies.  Found this little video and I’m so jealous.

Silver Lining from Jekyll Works on Vimeo.

New Patagonia Waders

Patagonia Waders from Patagonia on Vimeo.

B&W Fly Underwater

Working on a project had the camera out yesterday, did a little taping here is a snippet.  Might take a few minutes to load, as I’m still figuring out the WP format for hosted videos.

Video was shot with the New GoPro3 Black 

B&W Fly

Wild Steelhead and the struggle

This is based out west, but reminds me of the same struggles our lake-run rainbows face in our natural reproducing streams and creeks.  A bigger picture view point needs to be taken, the hatchery truck is not always the answer, even for us here in the midwest.  With less and less dollars going around in the state.  Things need to change.

Hard time with words

This video shows what is so hard to describe sometimes.  How it feels, and what you need to do!  Having a blog and working on being a better videographer, some of the hardest emotions to portray are fishing emotions.  Here is a video clip that makes even more confusing, and I love it.


LOW & CLEAR Official Trailer from Finback Films on Vimeo.

Trout Highlight Video

Ed McCoy had a couple trout presentations this winter so we dragged and dropped a couple video files together, here is what we came up with.  Sitting here in single digit temps the last week, really excited to go hit the water again this spring.

Mi based film in the Fly Fish Film Tour

Great work by Third Year Fly Fisher with his film about brothers that love to fish, and love to chase trout with big streamers.  Film will be on tour in the Fly Fish Film Tour, coming to a town near you.  Here is a sneak peak of the trailer.  Good job guys!


The Brothers Brown trailer from RT on Vimeo.

Smallmouth DVD Review

Another link to a positive review of the Big Appetite Smallmouth DVD.  Check out the link at the heartlandoutdoors

After 2 years of work putting together this DVD, nice to see others are finding joy in smallmouth bass as much as I do.  If your new to this site you can find more information about the DVD at our products page.

Warmwater Chronicles DVD review

Warmwater Chronicles did a review of the Big Appetite Smallmouth DVD, check out the link. –

If you have not yet purchased your copy of the DVD, check out the product page at Mangled Fly – Click Here