Dr. Whiting talks Hackle

Just EAT it

Man vs Bugs

So guiding here in Northern Michigan we have our share of bugs.  Especially bugs that like to bite.  But this short video showing some of the bugs (especially the ones that bite), the boys encountered on their South America journey.  I’m not sure I’m Man enough to handle.

Not a Fly-Fishing Video

This isn’t a fly fishing video but has some great lessons about life and shares some of my simple beliefs about fishing.  Plus shows off one of my favorite fish.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Turtle and Eagle Food

Just a few miles from my house in Northern Michigan their is an eagle cam.  I had never thought of turtle being a food source for Eagles.  But when you have the pressure of feeding 2 kids, I guess you feed them what you can find.  Turtle ends up escaping the nest, but had to be a long ways to find ground.




Fish or Die Trailer

Not sure I’m man enough for the skin eating parasite .  But some amazing footage.


muskie tee shirt

Great Lakes Muskie Survey / Education

Jim Dexter from the DNR explains a little of the life cycle and the exciting new strain of GLM in thornapple lake in Midwest Michigan.