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Great Lakes Muskie Survey / Education

Jim Dexter from the DNR explains a little of the life cycle and the exciting new strain of GLM in thornapple lake in Midwest Michigan.

through the guides

I’m a guide, because

Best quote of this short film for me was ” I’m a guide, because I like guiding”.  Great short film by Noble Labs

Through The Guides from The Noble Lab on Vimeo.

Quick look at Michigan – Video

Having been to many of these places in Michigan this is a great look into the beauty of the Mitten state.

Burst Into Northern Michigan from Chris Zuker on Vimeo.

Pike on the Fly – Video

Out of Touch Video

Great video by Shallow Water Expeditions , I still have a few places in Michigan that I guide where the phone doesn’t work.  I cherish those moments, I hate being addicted to the iPhone.  I pledge to be as phone free as possible.  Great video



chargin river outfitters video

Tubes Flies, Video with Jerry Darkes

Check out the video from Chagin River Outfitters featuring Jerry Darkes covering the basics of why Tube Flies are a good option for when fishing steelhead.

Sight Casting with Inch Worms

Had the opportunity to do this on a trip to Argentina one time, I’ll have to say it was one of those experience that I will never forget.  Great video about a great fishery.

Worming up from Andes Drifters on Vimeo.

flash monkey

Flash Monkey by Russ Maddin

Flash Monkey

Check out the latest VOD featuring Russ Maddin, tying his Flash Monkey baitfish imitation.  Thank you Russ for sitting down with us, and sharing this pattern.  More than just a fly tying video.  Check it out, and let us know your thoughts.

This fly tying video is another instructional in our series of videos that you can view at our Videos on Demand page, check out other titles to expand your fly fishing education. Thank you for your continued support, and don’t hesitate to let us know what additional videos you want to see.

Flash Monkey by Russ Maddin from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

The Flash Monkey by Russ Maddin, is the latest streamer pattern from the creator of the popular Circus Peanut, Mad Pup, and South Bound Trucker. As in the past, Russ continues to push the evolution of fly tying – this pattern combines new materials from FlyMen and Hareline Dubbing with traditional hackles from Whiting Farms.

Requiring over 2 years to perfect, the Flash Monkey needed to meet Russ’ strict streamer standards. Countless trips to the river testing the Flash Monkey ensured it was properly balanced and moved in the river currents for maximum effectiveness.

This video is more than a simple tying demo. It breaks down the Flash Monkey and gives you full access into the mind of fly designer, fisherman , and river steward Russ Maddin. As he discusses his methods of tying, how to fish the pattern, and more. It also includes Q&A with Jon Ray discussing several retrieves to bring this fly to life, the best Scientific Anglers fly lines for the pattern, and how to build your leader to get the most out of your fly.

No matter your experience level you’ll learn something from this video. If you’re into streamer fishing – no matter the species – this is a must-watch video.

Great Story

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