Dragon Rising


While fishing Hardy Pond last week, I took a break on the edge of the impoundment. A fly fisherman always loves to see things emerge, and I witnessed one of the coolest things in nature seen in a while. A green darner nymph crawled out of the water onto a rock. As its skin parched in the sun, it suddenly split open and a very large dragon fly was born.


When I showed an image to some friends, one commented that the dragon looked like “the paint on a new sports car”–this is good description.

Using the time lapse function on the camera, this video was made. It is a very short clip that shows in seconds what happened over the course of 45 minutes:

Kevin Feenstra

Bull Trout return to the Clackamas River

Impressive video quality and a positive story about the return of the Clackamas River Bull Trout.

3-Tand Wins ICast Fly Reel

If you saw my post from a couple weeks ago about the 3-tand you know I was impressed by this Reel.  Video below goes into a little more depth.


North Island Official Trailer

Back in 1999 I had a special opportunity to spend 3 weeks on the North and South Island of New Zealand, was an amazing opportunity one I will never forget.  I never made it this far into the back country.  But would love the chance, if and when I go back.

Backcountry – North Island Official Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

The backcountry of New Zealand holds a special place in the heart of all Kiwis. “Going bush” is a national past time, and Kiwi fly fishers like nothing better than the sun on their backpack, the cold touch of a mountain stream and the opportunity to sight fishing to giant trout in pristine settings.

The film follows six fly fishermen, from different places and different walks of life, as they each explore a treasured corner of the North Island. This land of active volcanoes, rugged gorges and dense forests provides an epic backdrop for some of the best trout fishing on the planet. As each story weaves into the fabric of the film it becomes evident that, despite their differences, the characters are all bound together by their passion for the backcountry.

Backcountry – North Island is Gin-Clear Media’s 7th fly fishing feature film.

Lungs, by J.Sigsworth // Album Atlas // jsigsworth.com

Produced by Gin-Clear Media, www.gin-clear.com
Directed / Edited / by Nick Reygaert
Second Camera / Jack McCowan
Cineflex Operator / Peter Thompson / Aeroptics

Starring / Mike Kirkpatrick / Cory Scott / Andrew Harding / Steve Sprague / Tony Hildesheim / Mike Davis / Rene Vaz

Special Thanks / Silvio Caldelari / Sylven Reygaert / Chris Sharland / Rene Vaz

Filmed in the North Island, NZ

Phantom goes to work

Erik Rambo on the controls and the Phantom went to work as we try to finish up the next project.


Midnight Creeper is LIVE


Check out our latest project.  A step-by-step educational fly tying experience with Ed McCoy, learn how he ties one of his best mouse patterns.  With many extra’s filmed in Night Vision.

Thank you Erik Rambo for all your work.  Very fun project to be a part of.



On the wish list – Northern Lights

Great video of the Northern Lights in AK, this is on my bucket list for sure someday.


Technicolour Alaska from Alexis Coram on Vimeo.

There are some things in this world that everyone deserves to experience with their own eyes. I headed to Alaska in February with the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights with mine. That glimpse turned into an extravaganza…a party in the sky, and I was an onlooker, a face in the crowd…awestruck, mesmerized, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. Night after night I was captivated by bright and colorful lights dancing wistfully above me; a graceful representation of the light in my soul. These were enchanted nights like I've never experienced. And while my camera captured a play-by-play of the spectacle, I could be found dog sledding through snow-covered forests, relaxing by the fire in a toasty cabin, or simply laying down in the snow and drifting into the dance.

This was the most amazing trip of my life so far…and here it is, summarized in under 3 minutes. This is my first time time lapse film, so it means a lot that you're here, reading this, stepping into a very special piece of my past.
Thank you. x

Photography & Production by AlexisCoram

Music "Out of Darkness" by James Everingham
Licensed from http://www.jameseveringham.com/license/

It’s not fishing – crazy Mtn bike video

So I see this and I see how far I need to come with the camera and the editing.  But watching this video inspires me to work harder.  Great work here by the riders and the camera crew!


The River Trailer – by Thirdyearflyfisher

Some great stuff here.  Enjoy.  The AuSable.

The River trailer from RT on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for the main feature The River. The dvd will also include as bonus features the full version of
"The Brothers Brown" that was part of the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour and another feature titled "Summers" about legendary bamboo rod maker Bob Summers.

The dvd will be available in both standard and BluRay on April 24th via www.thirdyearflyfisher.com and will be available in fly shops and retail outlets on April 26th.

Another sick lake from Argentina – Todd Moen Video

Unreal size of these rainbows.  Brutal conditions .  Great footage once again from Todd Moen.