Clean your waders and boots

This was sent to me by the DNR and wanted to share as more and more invasive species enter our water systems, it’s becoming very important to clean our waders and wading boots.  The .PDF  is an 11 page document discussing wader & boot cleaning.

Hi Jon,


I was recently passed a note from you to Jim Dexter regarding what you should be recommending to people for wader and boot disinfection. There are many disinfection options for waders and boots. The methods that I typically recommend include:


1) Soaking in Virkon Aquatic for up to 20mins. (

2) Putting the waders/boots in a chest freezer between uses

3) Cleaning/scrubbing and soaking in hot water (140F)

4) Bleach (1/2 cup to 5gal water) or 409 solution work for waders, but recommend Virkon over these options


If using chemicals you should always rinse your gear with water afterwards.


I think that it is also important to point out that just simply inspecting and thoroughly brushing and rinsing your waders/boots is a method that can greatly minimize the risk of spreading invasive species. The key point would be to keep a close eye on the crevices and grooves near the boot laces and on the bottom of the boot because those are the locations where aquatic invasive species typically go unnoticed.


I have also attached a paper for you to read if you get some time and are interested that discusses wader disinfection and New Zealand mudsnails.

Disinfection of three wading boot surfaces infested with new zealand mud snails (PDF)