Got Water? We do!

If you have been on any of the social networks in the past 24 hours I’m sure your sick of the flood stage, high water, USGS graphs.  But figured if you had not seen it yet, here is my little part to my little area that is overflowing.

Here is Tippy Dam, with the flood gates on over drive: (thank you Lance for the pic)

tippy_flood tippy_spill_wayHere is the Handicap Ramp if you have fished below Tippy, you have a perceptive of how this normally looks, just to say the river is high is an understatement.


Next are three graphs that all are related, they show the water that is headed to Tippy.  The Pine River and the Upper Manistee (Sherman) have water flow gauges.  Showing the levels.  The first graph is Manistee River at Sherman, where flood stage is normally 2400cfs, this morning it is running just under 3500cfs and looks that it could crest here shortly.  Just under 4000 cfs, a new record!  The little yellow triangles are normal flow over a 17 year average for this time of year.  As you can see yet again we have water this spring to play with.



Tippy Dam Graph.  Reaching 6500 yesterday for a short period in time.  Way too unsafe to fish from a boat!tippy_dam