Inland Oceans Book Now Available

One of the greatest most unexplored fly fishing frontiers finally has a book that will help more people tap into a great resource.  Jerry Darkes is the author, of this well written, full of information, fly patterns, stories and maps to help anglers get into fishing the great lakes.  With endless miles of shoreline full of browns, coho, chinook, smallmouth, carp, and muskie.  It’s almost impossible to hit all the ports, harbors, and river mouths in a lifetime.  This book will help narrow in the hotspots if you have a desire to fish this great resource.

Buy this at your local fly shop first, but if they won’t get it for you, here is a quick link.

fly fishing the great lakes

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  1. Dave Krzeminski
    Dave Krzeminski says:

    I just received my copy yesterday. The book looks great; especially the photographs. I am impressed by the table of contents and just how much is covered in the book (the lakes, tactics, gear, timing). I’ve only just started reading and I am really glad I bought a copy.

    Nice work!


    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:

      Thanks Dave, I know Jerry worked his tail off on this one. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. The great lakes have endless miles of shoreline and so many places to fish. I have my personal favs, and continue to find new haunts. Thanks for sharing your comments. Much appreciated.

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