Lamprey match the hatch

With the official start of lamprey season (chestnut lamprey),  the biggest match the hatch we have here in Michigan for our streamer program.  Not that there is really a season for lamprey, but I just happened to notice they the crawled out of the mud this week. Some people have told me trout don’t eat lamprey.  Okay.  If they don’t eat them, I’m fine with that, but they sure don’t like them.  Pictured below is a trout we caught this weekend on an imitation lamprey streamer pattern.  This trout had 11 different lamprey attached to him and out of anger destroyed my simple fur and feather pattern.

IMG_7066 IMG_7097


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  1. Jerome Seid
    Jerome Seid says:

    I thought you were fishing live bait what with all those worm looking things in your boat!

    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:

      Jerome, those worm looking things are chestnut lamprey and they are a super worm. In the spring they emerge out of the mud and become a food source for the trout. A true “hatch” for us streamer anglers. Here is a pattern that works real well if you substitute the feather for rabbit. If you can find chocolate rabbit that is a great lamprey pattern.

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