Moon and Mouse

Have some exciting things in the works with Snap T Pictures again.  As Erik Rambo and I contiunue to combine forces on projects.  We have been bouncing around in the dark, and are excited about the latest project that should be done this fall after all the editing.  Stay tuned to see what night vision camera’s saw in the dark.


The hunt for browns in the dark leads to seeing the moon rise above the sky line.

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  1. Chuck King
    Chuck King says:

    Having moused with a few of your cronies, looking forward to see how this effort turns out, certainly will be interesting. Keep up the great work JR!

    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:

      Thanks Chuck,

      Actually finished the project last night, and Erik will start to do his magic in the editing room. Hope to post something here shortly with a new link to a new video.

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