Picture of the Day, – Pumpkin Seed

The panfish family has always had a special place in my heart.  Most likely from the fact that they are the first fish I can really remember targeting as a pip squeak youngster sitting on an end of a dock.  Fishing for hours upon hours.  So when this time of year comes around, I always have to head out and throw around the poppers.  If you have not visited bream bugs.com  I would highly recommend them for the best assortment of poppers and other flies for warm water fishing.




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  1. Aaron Keefe
    Aaron Keefe says:

    I grew up fishing farm ponds in southern Georgia, and we always used the colloquialism bream. I can hear my aunt now, “Ya’ll catch a bucket of bream?” Good stuff. I love the bream bug website, I’ve been buying my mini-poppers from Wal-mart or Meijer. Thanks for the tackle tip, looking forward to a few new poppers to add to the arsenal. Links to Mangled Fly favorites are helpful~

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