Rivers of Sand by Josh Greenberg

I was just giving a copy of a new book called “Rivers of Sand” by Josh Greenberg.  And I can’t wait to start reading this.  Pick up your copy at your Local Fly Shop.  If your local fly shop doesn’t have it contact Josh Greenberg at Gates AuSable Lodge, he will send you a copy.

Looks to be a great book that will help the reader understand the unique techniques needed to fish the waters of Michigan.  I look forward the read over the summer months.  Thank you Josh for giving Michigan some national coverage.  Some of the most alluring waters in America.

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  1. Doc
    Doc says:

    Picked up a copy of Josh’s book while at the Au Sable Lodge, he even autographed it for me. His prose is eloquent, his love of fishing is deep in his soul and is shines through with a warmth that enhances the book. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read with moments of rather profound sentiment. There are also nice things to be learned from Josh’s deep understanding of fly fishing. How great is that? I found myself slowing down my usual frenetic reading pace to savor and enjoy Rivers of Sand and I recommend it as a wonderful read. – Doc

  2. Sean Hickey
    Sean Hickey says:

    I picked up the book recently. Just started reading it this week and it’s a tough one to put down! In addition to some great information, Josh is a great writer and storyteller. Very glad I picked up this one!

  3. Bruce Godke
    Bruce Godke says:

    I had the opportunity to fish the famous Au Sable river with Josh. It was an amazing experience. He taught me how to catch more fish, and more importantly how to catch more enjoyment of time on the river.
    While I read Rivers of Sand, it seemed as if I was back in his boat with him!

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