Scott fly rods

Scott T3H Video

Had a great time working with Erik Rambo on this little project.  Great job Erik you do amazing things with the camera and at the editing desk.  Thank you Erik for all your hard work.

Thank you Brad Petzke and Kevin Feenstra for helping in this project as well.  And thank you Scott rods for making such a good product.  If you like the two-hand rods, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of the new T3H’s, they are sweet.

Swinging with the Scott T3H from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

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  1. Dave Krzeminski
    Dave Krzeminski says:

    You have me sold on a Scott! Now I need to learn how to cast a two-hander! Beautiful footage.

    What is the type of fluorocarbon you’ve been using?


    • mangledfly
      mangledfly says:

      Think we are going to have some really good swinging for dropbacks in a couple weeks give me a call if you want to test out the T3H rods that I have. Also my favorite Fluorocarbon is made my Sunline called Sniper. Thanks for the post hope all is well.


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