Snapping Turtle Day

Not that I really drive up and down the roads looking for snapping turtles.  But yesterday was by far the strangest day.  Saw 4 different snapping turtles all on the road or side of the road.  Did witness one laying eggs, must of been the day to get that done.  Quick chance to take a couple down low pictures of this guy.

snapping turtle

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  1. Dave Schaible
    Dave Schaible says:

    Over the next month there will be a parade of turtles crossing area roads. Turtles by nature will on low pressure days when rain is likely seek out nesting grounds. The thought behind this is the rain will rinse away the scent of their digging and protect the eggs from predators.

  2. Jon Ingham
    Jon Ingham says:

    I saw the same thing driving up I-75 from metro Detroit on tues the 11th.
    At least 4 hit by cars and one lonely guy working his way thru 70+ MPH traffic. Made me think of the video gam Frogger!

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