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It’s May 8th and dry fly trout season has been off to a slower than normal start, but the limited days of dry fly fishing that I have in the Sharkwave Trout GPX has been in my boat and customers are loving it.  With Hendrickson’s popping, image below was captured this week on the Pere Marquette, and Black Caddis just around the corner time to go #liveanddiebythebigdryfly

SharkWave: Triple Textured from Scientific Anglers on Vimeo.

Three textures, three colors, one awesome line. The SharkWave is the world’s first triple-textured fly line. Available now in GPX, Ultimate Trout, and Saltwater tapers.


Special thanks to Pig Farm Ink and Sage Lion Media.

Happy Angler putting on a Sharkwave

One of my favorite little stickers.  Means new fly lines.  Stringing up the new 5wt Skarkwave Trout and GPX for the 2014 season.  Can’t wait for the dry fly.  Current BWO’s and Little Black Stones.  But Russ Maddin reported the first Henny of the year.  We are so close!

Podcast about the New Sharkwave Line from SA

Check out the Podcast (15min) at MidCurrent with SA’s John Van Vleet.  John breaks down the new Sharkwave.  Excited to see this new line, sounds awesome can’t wait for trout season.

Link to PodCast

New Triple Coating

New series of fly lines has just come out from SA, have not personally played with one yet, as the first set of lines are trout and saltwater.  But looking forward in the coming months to play with the trout line, as the Sharkwave Ultimate Trout Stealth will be a first choice.  Also looking forward to the Sharkwave GPX taper for bigger Stoneflies and Hex bugs.  Have been waiting for a steelhead taper with this triple coating for over a year, once I heard SA was playing with this.  Have not heard but really hope the Integrated Skagit tapers are coming out soon. Check out this website for additional information and if your headed south this winter (Saltwater or South American Trout fishing) pick up one of these new lines you will not be disappointed.  Also check back and hope to have a product review coming soon as well.

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