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The Grind

Really enjoyed this short video because of the honest truth of it all.  I get the opportunity to guide and fish for muskie a few weeks a year.  This video really does capture most of the days, it’s a Grind.  But the belief that you need to have as angler that the next cast could be the one, is what I really do enjoy.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    The mind set that the next cast will be the cast that lands the fish of a lifetime is critical. Actually you need to keep thinking the next strip or 8 will be a fish of a lifetime. Maintaining this mind set is incredibly difficult. Until the day it pays off. Each time you are successful with this mindset, the Grind Zone becomes more comfortable. Make it a positive self fulfilling prophecy.

      • Bob
        Bob says:

        There is the reverse approach that I tested when I started, figuring if you don’t see a fish you might as wel left the fly and cast. Then as you lift the fly you see that football sized head coming up out of the dark and she’s gone.

        We can choose to learn the easy way or the hard way.

        The thing to remember is Muskie are contemptible jerks. That’s what makes them a worthy opponent. Your time on the water is a battle of wits.

        Lordy, Lordy do I love Fishing for them!

  2. Ryan Shea
    Ryan Shea says:

    Thanks for sharing our video. I’m glad you enjoyed it and could empathize with the grind. Chris is a great guy. Just the kind of guide you want when fishing for skis – funny, witty, engaging, in tune.

    • Jon Ray
      Jon Ray says:

      Ryan, I have meet Chris a few times and a bunch of my peers have fished with him. He is a great guy and knows his stuff when it comes to Muskie for sure. Nice work with all your videos and thanks for checking out the site. Happy Holidays and good luck shooting more great content in 2018.

  3. Jerome
    Jerome says:

    Watching this video is reassures me that all my fishless casts and hours are not merely because I don’t know what the hell I am doing. But having done this long enough with Jon Ray, I try to focus more on the beauty of where I am fishing, the company of the person I am fishing with, the improved skills that I accrue. Trying to ‘figure it out’ is a futility I have learned to let go of a bit more, even though I don’t like it – can’t think like a fish. The rush I get with a strike and the thrill of anticipation with each cast is sometimes enough, and the video reinforces that. Great job!

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