Toys from 2011

One of the things that kinda bugs me about the new reviews that come out this time of year , are the listing of items at are “new”, and they write a review about them.  Stating how cool they are, how well they work, and how they changed the game.  Really how do they know?  2012 has not even happened yet.  So what I wanted to do, is talk a couple items that changed the way I took photo’s, video’s, and fished in 2011.  The products that made the cut, and I’ll use again in 2012.  While this was a spur of the moment post.  Come back to it, I might add a couple things.

GoPro Camera







By far the most fun I had in 2011 with “new stuff” was with my GoPro.  These little camera are amazing.  And now with the new GoPro2 coming out.  Some of the little problems that the GoPro has, (the fact you need to carry directions with you at all times) will be resolved.  Durability, light weight, 1080 video, size, and creative angles. Are what make the GoPro one of my favorite toys.


Suction Cup Mount

One of the best toys from 2011 was the GoPro, but one of the best accessories that I purchased was the Suction Cup Mount, that is found on the Motor Sports Edition.  Their are endless applications to this mount.  And what was best about this accessory is that it really did stick.  The large suction cup was powerful enough to support the GoPro and you believed in it’s holding power.  Nobody wants to lose their GoPro.

Extreme Skagit Head

While this product did not make it into my hands until the end of the year.  It did change the way that I could teach new and experienced anglers how to fish.  SA listened to the guides and reps and came out with an Intermediate line that was extremely fishy, and gave anglers new to the art of spey casting the ability to make the cast needed to catch fish.  Go to SA for more details.   But this line in two months in the fall was the cat’s meow of swing lines, and will continue to be a go to favorite in the boat.