yeti low ball

Yeti Rambler – Keeps ice Longer

If you have not experienced the advantages of the Yeti Rambler Series yet, stop by your local fly shop and pick one up.  From early morning coffee runs, to cold drinks on summer days, to dropping a cube in your favorite adult brown water, the Yeti Rambler series has changed the way liquids are enjoyed.

Erik Rambo shot a short time lapse of the newest Yeti Product the Low Ball ,  with 4 oz of his favorite Rum poured into the Low Ball.  He added one ice cube that was approximately 2″ square into the Low Ball.  The initial reading on the digital thermometer was 74 degrees, after the ice cube was added, the temperature dropped to 33 degrees after 3 min.  At the end of the short time lapse video, you can see the temperature on the thermometer says 34 degrees.  This was after 6 hours of filming.  The camera battery died, but there was still ice in the glass.


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