Picture of the Day – First Topwater Smallmouth of the season

Love my smallmouth bass fishing.  Had a chance to get out and explore new water yesterday, and found bass looking up!  And as a FYI, going through the finally editing process for the upcoming Smallmouth DVD, should be done soon.

Finally! Just Ordered mine!

Just received a very cool email and had to share that Go Pro has launched a dive kit for there Go Pro line of camera’s.  Ever have your underwater images or video not turn out just right.  Was your image a little fuzzy?  Well here is the answer!  Here is a link GoPro.com – just look under premium accessories .  I will be posting video of the new housing shortly after it arrives.  But I’m sure it has fixed the problem of fuzzy underwater imagery.

Picture of the Day, – Pumpkin Seed

The panfish family has always had a special place in my heart.  Most likely from the fact that they are the first fish I can really remember targeting as a pip squeak youngster sitting on an end of a dock.  Fishing for hours upon hours.  So when this time of year comes around, I always have to head out and throw around the poppers.  If you have not visited bream bugs.com  I would highly recommend them for the best assortment of poppers and other flies for warm water fishing.




Bugs in a Tub

Okay if you have fished with me, you understand that one of my strengths is not Latin terminology for aquatic insects.  I have a very simple approach to aquatic life.  Match the color and size.  But sometimes knowing a little bit more than they other guy, can give you an advantage.  Below is a video of a couple bugs in the tub.  Late May and early June the Manistee as both the Siphlonurus Nymph and Baetisca Nymph swimming around pretty regularly, in certain sections.  And yes I had to look those names up!

I have been using Ann Miller’s new Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams.  I highly recommend this book, contact Ann at AnnRMiller@aol.com .  This is a great guide for on the stream and at the fly tying bench.  Thank you Ann.


Wild Salmon and Patagonia

Video is about 10 min but gives a inside look at what Patagonia is trying to change in the world of Wild Salmon.

Picture of the Day – 15″ brown on a dry fly

Ed McCoy and I ventured down the Manistee River yesterday throwing around one of the standard early season dry flies the Medium Brown Stone (video link) .  Ed and I drummed up some nice fish on the boon dog, and then setup and zapped some smaller fish eating Hendrickson spinners.  Here is a picture of Ed holding a nice 15″ brown that could not let the stimulator go by.  Used a 15mm Canon Fish Eye lens for this photo.  Some of the most overlooked dry fly fishing of the season is early May.  No crowds and plenty of chances at decent trout.