Wild Steelhead and the struggle

This is based out west, but reminds me of the same struggles our lake-run rainbows face in our natural reproducing streams and creeks.  A bigger picture view point needs to be taken, the hatchery truck is not always the answer, even for us here in the midwest.  With less and less dollars going around in the state.  Things need to change.

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Chile

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Chile with Kean.  Also Kean with a very impressive brown trout!  Thanks Kean and love the story about the brown trout!  Thanks for sharing.

mangled fly t-shirt

BioLite CampStove


Black and White Manistee River – Pic of the Day

With some fresh snow and the reflection of the sky bouncing off of the Manistee River, took two seconds during a steelhead trip to take this photo. Thought the black and white gave it the look I was wanting.

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Argentina

Ed McCoy sent Mangled Fly Media it’s first international appearance.  Ed sporting the Mangled Fly Brown Trout t-shirt , on his trip to Argentina.  We are working on the shopping cart but do have a new color for the Mangled Fly T-shirt in white.  This is a limited time opportunity if you want one before they are gone let me know, feel free to shoot me an email – jray@mangledfly.com  .  Hope to have new shopping cart and updated T-shirt colors available online soon.  Thanks for the pic Ed!