So close I can taste it.

With a look ahead I see temps that are going to provide some of the first dry fly fishing of the season, and I can’t wait!  A little video that brings back flash backs to last season’s memories.  Can’t wait to burn new memories into film and mind.


The Rise from Vak Magasin on Vimeo.

Name that Fish

Chuck Hawkins and I had a chance to fish some new water and found a mystery fish.  Can you name it?

michigan fly fishing

Really cool Editing

As I continue to learn how to be better at photography, videography, and editing.  Best way to learn is practice, but second best way is to watch the pro’s.  There are some shots in this video that I have not seen before, pretty cool stuff here.  Thought I would share.


Bryan Gregson Photography | 2013 Las Pampas, Argentina from Bryan Gregson Photography on Vimeo.

A Tight Loop Spring Edition – Carp Article

John Stefanciw (chewy) and I did a Grand Traverse Bay carp article for A Tight Loop, you can check it out on page 12 of the latest edition of this midwestern online magazine.  Late May and early June are prime time for these brutes on a fly.  100% visual experience.  More coming soon about carp on a fly, working on a fly tying video and soon will be posting an article on the Hawkins Fly Fishing site.

traverse city carp

Fly Fishing Inland Ocean

If you love taking your fly rod to different places and chasing anything that swims, this book is going to help you update your “to do” list.  Jerry Darkes has just published a new book about all the great lakes and how to target anything that swims within these bodies of water.  From Salmon to smallmouth to carp.  So many ports, beaches, breakwaters, and river mouths to try, that an angler couldn’t do them all in a couple years.  But this untapped frontier needed a book like this, pick it up from your local fly shop or follow the link to amazon here.  The book will cover how to, when to, fly patterns, and so much more.

Also a bounce you might know the guy on the cover.  Will also be an assortment of Mangled Fly Media images within the pages as well.  Great job Jerry!

fly fishing the great lakes

Trout season has started

IMG_6752A great way to start the trout season with a true yellow belly.  Jon B scores a great michigan trout, while streamer fishing on the Upper Manistee.  All indications point to a great trout season ahead of us.


New lens needed! Golden Eagle

I have taken the first photograph  of a golden eagle, while the photo itself is not that good.  Based on the height of the bird in the sky, my 200 mm lens this is the best I can do.  Time to save money for a 600mm.  Going to take some time to save for that one.  But to prove I have seen a Golden Eagle here is my proof of life photo.

golden eagle

Moldy Chum and T3H

One of my most favorite fishing blogs is Moldy Chum, and my favorite two-handed rod  the Scott T3H (1288 to be exact) can now be found in one spot.  Moldy Chum posted the video (thank you) that we worked long and hard on this fall/winter on there site today.  Here is the link  If you have not watched it yet, enjoy.