Picture of the Day – Damsel Patterns

B&W photo with all but the blue and the red withdrawn from the image in Lightroom.  Wanted to show off the blue damsel that this nice brown trout fell for.

Photo is clickable to my new Smug Mug page. Working on having images for sale on this site. New to smug mug so bear with me. But have had printing done through there labs and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

During the day

Not all cool things happen during the night in June.  Day time glory caught on film.  Have more filming of what happened here.  This is only a screen shot.  But some really cool daytime things are happening that we are going to expand upon.

brown trout eating damsel fly

Protect your flying Trout

Why do they wiggle, why do the squirm, why can’t they just sit still for a quick pic.  It happens more than I want to admit, the jumping out of the hands brown trout during the photo session.  A way that I protect the trout, is to have the net underneath the trout during the photo session.  As you can notice here the trout is flying and it was saved by the net waiting underneath.  We all want photo’s of the nice ones we catch, now we need to protect them when we do bring out the camera.  Use this little net trick if your stuck in the boat taking photo’s.

brown trout photos

June Brown Trout

It is the season of the big bug, with Hex grabbing so much of the attention anglers really do over look the early June season.  As Iyso’s, stones, and now the “new” Manistee river Gray Drake.  As I was talking to Ed McCoy last night, when do you ever remember seeing so many Gray Drakes?  Will be fun to watch over the next couple years, how this hatch and spinner fall effects our June fishing.  Especially the early season, it has been a day saver some nights this year.  Not that we didn’t have Gray’s before, but we do not remember in our short guide careers having this many, and for this long.  I’m so glad that I had McCoy’s Gray Drake Spinner from Orvis this year.  It is still undefeated haven’t been refused by a fish yet.

Kean O. below with a stonefly eating michigan brown trout.

michigan brown trout

Pic of the Day – Small Rainbow in the Sky


First Hex, found on an inland lake

Driving home from the river the other day saw my first signs of hex, on an northern michigan inland lake the streets and overheads lights to illuminate the streets were covered in this Michigan Mayfly.

Hex Hatch

Snapping Turtle Day

Not that I really drive up and down the roads looking for snapping turtles.  But yesterday was by far the strangest day.  Saw 4 different snapping turtles all on the road or side of the road.  Did witness one laying eggs, must of been the day to get that done.  Quick chance to take a couple down low pictures of this guy.

snapping turtle

Carp on Grand Traverse Bay – Picture of the Day

June is prime time for carp on Grand Traverse bay and had a chance yesterday to get out on the bay and chase down the golden bones on the flats.

carp in Traverse City

Leptophlebia Spinner – Great Mahogany

Mahogany DrakeCommon Name – Great Mahogany, Borcher’s Drake, Black Quill