New Go Pro Studios

With an off day today from the river, did my usual run around, and then caught up on emails, and household chores.  One of the emails I had in that long scroll of inbox was from GoPro, with a link to the new studio download.  The new studio is a definite upgrade.

  • NEW GoPro Edit Templates make it easy to create GoPro-style videos
  • NEW Trim, edit and mix video clips
  • NEW Add titles, music, audio tracks and more
  • NEW Fisheye adjustment control
  • NEW Adjust video playback speed for fast or slow motion
  • NEW Export video still frames at full resolution

So I took the new software for a quick spin.  The GoPro Studio is by no means as good as FinalCut but for just looking and doing a quick edit of some GoPro footage it does some really cool stuff.

I really liked the fact that I could export still images from video.  Below is an example, as we continue to play around with the Muskie footage we shot this past month.  Also another great feature is playing with the fisheye adjustment.  Haven’t tried that but plan on it.  Anyway check out the download if you self edit.  Link is above.

Fireman pants and chrome

The contrast of the bright orange pants with the green tree line, and the pure beauty of a Michigan fall run steelhead.  I love taking pictures of these fish.

Fall Colors

Colors seem to explode yesterday morning (once the rain stopped), this bank along the Manistee River always has great color and is a wonderful back drop for anglers as we search for chrome.

As the sun rises, the colors explode along the Manistee River.

Pic of the Day – Thought we had Chrome

So when you choose to run the streamer for steelhead, anything can bite.  Usually that is a good thing, but when you pick up the two-hand rod in the early season you sometimes hook up on Kings.  Not to be too picky, but when you get the grab your heart drops, but when you realize that it’s just a King you kinda get mad.  This King was the first grab we had of the day and all on board were extremely happy for a short moment.  It was not chrome, but it was a fish.  Days are numbered until chrome (steelhead) start looking for other things to eat other than eggs.

king on a streamer

Mangled Fly Hoodie and Chrome

Hoodies and steelhead have gone hand and hand for me for years.  Chris Radar sporting his Mangled Fly Hoodie and great early run Manistee River Steelhead.

mangled fly hoodie


Respect for fish and for film making

Even though I have never fished out West for steelhead, my respect for these fish can never be second guessed.  Also understanding how much it costs to deliver films and videos to the public check this video out.  Here is a short link as well –

2013 Last Muskie

Did a quick post about the last day, and now here is a picture of the last muskie of 2013.  Great fish Frank, nice job!

Last Day Chasing Muskie

 sunrise on muskie waters

My 2013 Muskie chase has come to an end as of today, but had one of the best sun rises of the year.  Brings to mind the old sailors saying.  Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning.  As the last day brought with it 20-30 mph winds that chased us off a little early.  Now back to my home waters and the steelhead chase begins in full swing.  It’s truly a mix bag of emotions though.  While Muskie absorb you in every way and almost eat at your sole, I do love my leaping, jumping, cartwheeling, quick-running, dime silver friends that I will be coming home too.  I will miss the muskie waters and look forward to the chase in 2014.  During the winter thoughts and patterns will be developed and new techniques will come to mind. If any of this muskie stuff interests you I am booking additional muskie fly fishing guide days in 2014.  Feel free to contact me direct at

Thank you to all that joined me this fall season!


Picture of the Day – Biggest Muskie for Jerome to date

Jerome S. who started this adventure 3 years ago, today achieved a new PB (personal best) muskie.  Great fish Jerome, nice job.  Any muskie on a fly is a great fish, but some are always a little more special.