All ways something – Pipe Up against Enbridge

Another video that needs watching, as some very precious land is about to be invaded by the Oil company’s.  More can be learned here at Pipe Up Against Enbridge.

Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas

From all of us at Mangled Fly and Snap T.  We want to wish you a Happy Holiday.  Merry Christmas and a thank you for checking-out our photo/video creations in 2013.  We look forward to some very exciting things in 2014.  Thank you again.

From Erik Rambo, Jon Ingham, and Jon Ray we wish everybody a Happy Holiday!!



Great Lakes Catch and Release – Picture of the Day

Enjoying a personal day on the river, trying to find some different angles to capture the release of a great fish, the Great Lakes Rainbow.

Great Lakes Steelhead Sticker available for a holiday stocking stuffer.

Picture of the Day – Fresh Snow


Season of the Red-Side

Early season (late Sept – Novemeber) is all about the chrome, but now as winter sets in.  This year especially with mother nature giving us plenty of snow and cold so far, the red-strips are making a strong appearance.   Big bucks with single and double strips are starting to show up in our catches.  Yesterday in the snow this big buck gave us his best, and his rosy checks just plain stood out.

Winter steelhead fishing is truly in full effect and plenty of fish around for a great day.  Check out the fishing reports at as we play through out the winter.  Give me a call or shoot me an email if your interested in a full or half day.

On the Hunt for Patagonia Beer

Patagonia celebrating it’s 40 Anniversary teamed up with New Belgium Brewery (Fat Tire) and created a beer I think I need to try and type up a review.  Stay tuned for more as I hunt this holiday season for this tasty brew.  Click here to go to Patagonia’s site to learn more.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 7.19.57 AM

Fall Run – Trailer

Very cool video from the Pacific Northwest.  Todd Moen does his usual amazing working with the camera.


Feelings we all share.

I have two favorite quotes from this film

  1. “It’s really up to the Salmon” – when fishing we try to come up with all these theories of how to catch more fish.  When we really get down to the basics of our theories it really does come down to the fish.  They control so much of our theories.
  2. “it’s like believing in God” – to be an Atlantic Salmon chaser or steelhead chaser you have to have belief, it has to be so strong that it just keeps pulling you back to the river over and over again.  Believing that your going to actually catch a fish, especially on a swung fly.

Watch this clip and look for these two quotes.  Great film with some unbelievable video work.  Love the helicopter effect that they pulled off.  Great job on this clip, really shows how fishing is universal.  Doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

a thousand theories from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Limited Time Offer – Holiday Special

Kevin Feenstra and I decided to get in the holiday spirit and offer the Smallmouth DVD at a new Holiday Special price of $22.99.   A perfect gift for under the tree or in your stocking.  Order now and I promise to get it to you for Christmas.


Anglers of the AuSable

For more information go to , but spread the word the AuSable needs our help.

Anglers of the AuSable from RT on Vimeo.