Great Lakes Catch and Release – Picture of the Day

Enjoying a personal day on the river, trying to find some different angles to capture the release of a great fish, the Great Lakes Rainbow.

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  1. David Krzeminski
    David Krzeminski says:

    Beautiful picture. I love it. Were you in the water or were you in the boat and just held the camera over the side?

    Keep the pictures coming!


    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:


      Thanks. I have to admit I love day’s off because I can really play with the camera. I do love my job and what I do full time as a river guide, but getting unique angles takes time and is a distraction from the clients full fishing experience. So winter time I hope to shoot some different stuff, have my eye on a few angles and perspectives that I hope are unique and fish friendly. Thank you for checking the blog. I will do my best to keep them coming.

      On this shot I was in the boat, set the camera up on I high ISO think 640, used the 9FPS of the 7D, reached over the side and started firing.

      Thanks again.

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