Great Week for the Streamer

With water temps, river level, and an abnormal amount of big fish around.  Streamer fishing for steelhead has been really good.  While not the “how many” method of steelhead fishing, streamer fishing for them gives you honestly the best opportunity at targeting the big boys.  While just like brown trout fishing, when you throw the bigger meal you can pretty much count on the alpha male being the most interested party.  Couple pictures below of a great week of streamer fishing on the Big Manistee in Northern Michigan.

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  1. Phil E
    Phil E says:

    My friend Mike has been fishing with Jon Ray for the last 5 or 6 years, always 3 days in a row the first few days of November. He coaxed me into joining him again this year and my first chance to swing flies for winter fish. I have swung on the Deschutes a couple times since I live in Oregon, but never had a chance to throw all that weight.

    Our first day out, Mike picked up a really nice hen while Jon gave me lessons on spey casting from the back of the boat. As my frustration mounted because I wanted to power the line out of that 13' rod as hard as I could, he offered to hand me a single-handed rod so I would cool off. I declined, determined to learn this wonderful method of casting.

    After a day and a half of his patience and technique comments, I finally could comfortably throw that line a ways without wearing my arms out. I even had a few grabs but was unable to hook them and bring them in.

    On the last day of our trip, a very rainy one at that, Jon was throwing a few casts while Mike was taking a break from the bow. I was casting fairly well when Jon hooked that nice monster buck above. He jumped off the bow and threw the rod in my hand to fight him and bring him to the boat. What a gorgeous fish! He ran downstream twice and I finally worked him to the boat with Jon enthusiastically instructing my every position shift with the rod. It was a bruiser fish and I thank Jon for the opportunity to bring him in.

    Later that day, I picked up a nice hen on my own with the spey rod. Jon Ray couldn't have been a better person to put us over the fish, instruct us on the spey casting, provide the tackle and flies that work, and entertain us with fishing stories ad infinitum. A perfect ending day on the lower Manistee.

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