HD Pro Underwater Camera

Have some things on the radar that I’m pretty excited about, don’t want to spoil the surprise but deals with the world of underwater.  I shot this little underwater video above, about a month ago, that honestly took about 5 seconds to do. I came home from this little test shoot and started to think that if I put some serious time into setup what else could one do????  The HD Pro is a cool little toy and the quality that you get from the camera for the size is pretty amazing.  Also take a second and check out HD Pro’s youtube page to watch some crazy skiers and snowboard’s do what they do best.
Since I spend most of my time above the water, I can’t wait to see what I learn when I take the HD Pro below the surface.  HD Pro has dozens of mounts that you can use so getting some unique shots and angles, this going to be fun.  Check back in a few months to hopefully see some new videos. I’ll try to keep you posted on the events with some small clips.

I shot the small video above for a steelhead sculpin pattern that I have used for a couple years.  There is a step by step page at the Hawkins site, here is the link for the DV Steelhead Sculpin
Tight Lines,
Jon Ray

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