Patagonia das pants – product review

steelhead clothingPatagonia’s das pants have been a staple of my winter steelhead gear for the past 3 years,  anytime when temperatures plummet into the 30’s, 20’s, and or are your crazy your going fishing range.  The das pants from Patagonia is one of my first layers I put on.  I can still remember the first day I wore a pair of these pants, felt like I was in a warm down based sleeping bag all day.  I love the feel of the pant, it’s more of a relax feel than a tight based under layer.  No yoga lulu lemon feel.  More like a cozy pair of sweatpants. The das pants are easy to wear under waders or bibs.  Plenty of room in the legs and crotch area to move, climb over boat gunnels and jump onto shore.  The nylon shell is a great windproof layer, and is treated to be very water repellent.  Durability just like every other item I own from Patagonia is top notch, 3 years equals about 300 days of use.  Not a problem yet.  Also feel comfortable in these pants after a long day of fishing to wear them into the local watering hole for a little warm-up juice if I so desire.

My only con with the Patagonia das pants is that they can be “too” warm.  I have to watch the high temperature of the day.  If the temps are going to reach middle or upper 40’s, I could be too warm.  I have to adjust my layering and bring my backup pair of pants to change out.  Also if I’m going to do a long walk let’s say on the little manistee for a day of coho and or early winter steelhead, I’m going to be too warm too.  I’ll end up sweating underneath the layer, the PU coated nylon will hold in my heat too much and I’ll end up having puddles of moisture.  But in the same sense if know I’m spending a day in the drift boat or sled, where I’m sitting more than I’m walking these pants are amazing.


  • Lightweight, PU-coated nylon ripstop shell is durable, water-resistant, windproof and treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • Highly compressible, water-resistant 100-g PrimaLoft® ONE insulation provides maximum warmth for its weight
  • Pants have elasticized waist with hook-and-loop tab adjustments at side zips, and separating 2-way zip fly with snap closure
  • Full-length 2-way side zips with insulated wind flaps for easy on/off
  • Elasticized mini-gaiter cuffs with snap-tab closures lock in heat and accommodate an alpine boot
  • 1.2-oz 20-denier 100% nylon PU-coated ripstop, with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Insulation: 100-g PrimaLoft® ONE 100% polyester

by Jon Ray

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    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:

      No personal experience trying LuLu one, but in the household that I belong too. LuLu lemon for others (my wife) is the standard attire, and is treated like gold. Again I personally do not own a pair so I can’t say how they fit or feel, I have only witnessed how they seem to fit a little tighter around some area’s of the body. Not the type of pant I want to wear while I’m fishing. But I would never judge anybody if they did.
      I like your comment Jerome, brought a good smile to my face this morning. Thank you.

  1. John
    John says:

    I’ve been considering the Das Pant for a while, but the price and the amount of insulation has had me hesitant. It sounds like for days in the 30s or colder, and where you won’t be putting much legwork in, these are excellent. But, from your review, once the temps are getting into the 40s or you’re exerting energy, the 100g of primaloft is overkill. Would you agree? I still might pick them up for freeze my ### off days in the heart of winter. However, it sounds like I should find maybe a 50 – 60g primaloft pant for a comfy day in chilling waters but the air temps are 40s or I’m doing a lot of hiking. If you get a chance to reply, thanks in advance for the perspective. I appreciated finding your review. There hasn’t been much said about puffy pants in the fishing world.

    • Jon Ray
      Jon Ray says:

      Thanks for checking the blog John, to answer your first question. I think if you are moving around allot and the temps are in the 40’s your going to be too hot. I compare the pants to the Nano-Puff jacket, and I know personal preference on cold tolerance is different from person to person. So really hard to give you an exact opinion. But overall if the Das Pants are an under layer (I wear mine underneath a pair of Gill Bibs while in the jet boat) they are too hot or warm on upper 40-50 degree days especially with sun. A great wind cutting pant as well.
      Another thing to think about is water temp as well. If you are wading in cool water 40’s or lower you will love them. Don’t really feel like I helped that much to answer your questions. But overall the Das Pants are worth the money. Great feel and very durable.

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