Picture of the Day – Russ Maddin Smallmouth Bass

Had the pleasure of fishing with Russ Maddin yesterday fellow guide and Scott Pro Staff member.  Even though Russ and I live in the same town and work for the same company, Hawkins Outfitters.  With what I call “life” consuming so much of our time, days spent together on the water do not happen enough.  So getting a chance to watch one of the fishiest kids I know go to work with a streamer rod in his hands.  Is a great day on the water.

Russ by far has some of the sickest streamer patterns around for trout, and the smallmouth loved them too.  With August here at our door step some of the best river smallmouth fishing of the season is upon us, check out my new DVD for additional flies, tactics, and pointers on catching more smallmouth in a river.

Picture of the Day – First Topwater Smallmouth of the season

Love my smallmouth bass fishing.  Had a chance to get out and explore new water yesterday, and found bass looking up!  And as a FYI, going through the finally editing process for the upcoming Smallmouth DVD, should be done soon.

Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer

After 2.5 years of blood, sweat, and tears (not really). The Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD trailer is finally finished. Not trying to paint the wrong picture, but an amazing amount of work actually has gone into this project. Want to first thank Erik Rambo for all is professional video and audio work. Also want to thank Kevin Feenstra for making this a very fun and enjoyable project.

“Enjoy the trailer!

To purchase a copy of the DVD Big Appetite: Small Mouth please visit my online shop.”



Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.