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Quick look at Michigan – Video

Having been to many of these places in Michigan this is a great look into the beauty of the Mitten state.

Burst Into Northern Michigan from Chris Zuker on Vimeo.

Field and Stream – Michigan is the Best

I grew up with this magazine, so many memories.  Here is a little blog post by Kirk Deeter, with a photo from Mangled Fly.

Why Michigan is the Best!

Biggest so far on the Swing (this year)

Nice part about battling the big boyz of the 2013 fall steelhead with the streamer rod, is that you can battling them with 12-15 pound test tippet.  Pictured below is Robert from OK with the largest steelhead landed so far with a streamer.  Great fish Robert. Would guess the fish to be 14-15 pounds.


During the day

Not all cool things happen during the night in June.  Day time glory caught on film.  Have more filming of what happened here.  This is only a screen shot.  But some really cool daytime things are happening that we are going to expand upon.

brown trout eating damsel fly