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SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity

SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity A new line was introduced in the past month the SA Amplitude Smooth Infinity  and have had the pleasure to test it out over the last month.  Line showed up during Hex Season, even though my go to line for Hex is the Magnum Glow Line, but I have a few […]

Keep em wet

Keep them wet during the next few days will be vital , it’s going to get hot in here. #mangledfly #fishthetruth #sonargetdown #hawkinsoutfitters #scottflyrods #keepemwet #sawyeroars A post shared by Mangledfly (@mangledfly) on Jun 15, 2018 at 7:20am PDT

Nervous Net Job

Not too often a trout makes me nervous when I’m in charge of the net, but a new PR on a Michigan Brook Trout. Most my PR’s are measured in lbs, but this MI jewel set a new bar. #brooktrout #hawkinsoutfitters #mangledfly #scottflyrods #fishthetruth A post shared by Mangledfly (@mangledfly) on Jun 10, 2018 at […]

Big Eyes Means they are close

Recently learned that as mayfly nymphs grow, especially March Browns, Cahill’s, and Hex the eyes really get big right before the hatch.  A macro shot of a Hex nymph we found in the mud looking for what else is hatching.  Based on his eyes, we are not too far away.  Want to learn more about […]

Drier Dry Flies

Did a video on the Hawkins YouTube channel about a trick I learned a few years ago from angler Larry Webb.  Had to share this simple trick to keep your dry flies floating longer.  Thank you Larry for the helpful tip, has really saved my spinner patterns from an early grave.  Check out the video […]

Hendrickson Hatch Started

It’s a few days behind schedule but the Hendrickson Hatch has started, had a great day with Doc yesterday on the Upper Manistee beating up on some nice mid teener’s.  On our journey I did a quick highlight video for the Hawkins Outfitters YouTube page.  Thinking about doing more of this type of highlight video […]

Tying Streamers Continues – Pic of the Day

Only two days until trout opener, back on the streamer train and taking my crack at @blanechocklettfishing game changer template. Twisted this pattern up with a whole bunch of @whitingfarms 4B Hen Saddles and finished it off with @epflies brushes #streamer #gamechanger #whitingfarms #mangledfly #hawkinsoutfitters #trout A post shared by Mangledfly (@mangledfly) on Apr 26, […]